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Door Openers

Below you can find a brief description of each of the three types of garage door openers and the features that distinguish them from one another. We are available to answer any questions that you may have. Please call us at (360) 724-4650

Belt Drive


Belt drive garage door openers offer ultra-quiet, long lasting performance. The fiber-reinforced belt eliminates noise associated with chain and screw drive openers. The security codes for the controllers automatically change each time the system is activated and never repeats. This prevents would-be intruders from gaining access to your code. The direct current (dc) motor operates smoothly and quietly. This unit slows down for starts and stops. The belt drive is considered to be the best opener available.


Chain Drive


Chain drive garage door openers use a metal chain to guide the door up and down along its tracks. Chain drive systems are the most common and usually the least expensive. They are the noisiest of the three types of openers because they use a metal chain along a metal trolley in order to guide your garage door.



 Screw Drive

Screw drive garage door openers use a lifting mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. They are powerful units and require the least amount of maintenance due to the low number of moving parts. In general, this is the slowest moving of the three types of openers and is not as quiet as the belt drive units. Conversely, the latest screw drive models feature a plastic lined track which increases opening speed while reducing the noise level associated with metal to metal contact. These specific openers are only available on special request.